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It's What We Do

Whatever your needs or goals, GEM can help you meet them. Whether you’re a family office investor seeking yield, an institutional investor looking for new opportunities with best-in-class sponsors, or an owner or developer requiring the right capital solution or partners, GEM has the relationships and experience to help achieve your goals.  Our multidisciplinary team approach ensures every transaction, no matter what the size, benefits from the right mix of skills and expertise. And, when additional know-how or geographic reach is needed, we can quickly draw on our national network of best-in-class alliance partners.


The end result is that decisions are ALWAYS based on the most accurate and current market intelligence available. 

Debt & Finance

It all starts with the right relationships. We know debt is not a commodity, and selecting the right lender can make the difference between a positive and negative outcome. This is why we invest our time and resources into maintaining and expanding our existing lender relationships, which in many cases have been built over years and decades, and cultivating new ones. The result is current and relevant relationships at all levels of the capital stack and the ability to identify and select the best lender based on the nature of the execution and your particular goals and objectives.


Representative debt and structured finance services and lender relationships include:

Debt & Structured Finance

  • Renovation/Repositioning

  • Redevelopment

  • Wrap & Portfolio

  • Green/Energy Programs

  • LIHTC/Bond Offering

  • Securitizations

  • Acquisitions

  • Acquisition & Development

  • Affordable Housing

  • Bridge 

  • Mezzanine

  • Sale/Leaseback

  • Commercial Banks

  • Regional/Community

  • Credit Unions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Fannie Mae

  • Freddie Mac


Agency Lenders   

Balance Sheet Lenders

Non-Bank Lenders

  • CMBS & CTL

  • Mortgage REITS

  • Debt Funds

  • Opportunity Funds

  • Pension Funds/Unions

  • Family Office

  • High Net Worth

  • Pension Funds & Endowments

  • Insurance Companies

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Opportunity Funds

  • Unions

  • Foreign Investors

  • JV Equity

  • Private Placements

  • Preferred Equity

  • Hybrid Preferred

  • Fixed Coupon

  • Convertible Debt

  • Carve-Out/Recourse Guarantors

Equity & Co-Invest

GEM Equity Markets fully underwrites each investment opportunity, bringing you the most compatible investment partners with regards to your project’s property type, deal size and business plan. We maintain active and ongoing relationships with a wide variety of investors for all major property types and classes ranging below-the-radar family office and high net worth individuals to institutional and quasi-institutional investors, and everything in between. And, depending on the size, type and location of the opportunity, GEM and its principals will partner with best-in-class sponsors as the JV equity investor or in partnership with the sponsor as a GP co-investor. 

Equity Placement and Co-Investments

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